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 ~RestLess Ranch Merchandise~

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PostSubject: ~RestLess Ranch Merchandise~   Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:14 pm

Restless Ranch Crops~

Tomato: 5G
Watermelon: 7G
Strawberrys: 5G
Melon: 6G
Turnip: 3G
Potato: 2G
Carrot: 2G
Sweet Potato: 3G
Yam: 3G
Yamato: 4G
Berryber: 2G
Cranberry: 3G
Camelo: 1G
Cady: 2G
Tataro: 3G
Bashota: 2G
Kanro: 2G
Apple: 4G
Orange: 4G
Grapes: 3G
Banana: 4G
Peach: 2G
Cocoa Bean: 4G
Green Beans: 3G
Green/Red/Yellow Peppers: 2G
Hot Pepper: 3G

Restless Ranch Livestock and Poultry~


Normal Bull: 100G
Normal Cow: 150G
Brown Bull: 200G
Brown Cow: 250G
Marble Bull: 300G
Marble Cow: 350G
Star Bull: 400G
Star Cow: 500G
Lamb: 200G
Goat: 150G

Hen: 90G
Rooster: 50G
Chick: 20G
Female Duck: 80G
Male Duck: 40G
Duckling: 10G

Restless Ranch Produce~

Small Egg: 10G
Medium Egg: 15G
Large Egg: 20G
Spa Egg: 25G
Golden Egg: 30G
P-Egg: 35G
X-Egg: 40G

Small Milk: 10G
Medium Milk: 15G
Large Milk: 20G
Golden Milk: 30G
P-Milk: 40G
X-Milk: 45G
Goat Milk: 5G

Small Cheese: 10G
Medium Cheese: 15G
Large Cheese: 20G
Golden Cheese: 25G
P-Cheese: 30G
X-Cheese: 35G
Goat Cheese: 5G

Small Mayonnaise: 5G
Medium Mayonnaise: 10G
Large Mayonnaise: 15G
Golden Mayonnaise: 20G
P-Mayonnaise: 25G
X-Mayonnaise: 30G

Wool: 15G
Golden Wool: 25G

Horses for Sale~

Brown and White Female/Male Horse: 150G
Black and Brown Female Horse: 200G
Black Male Horse: 250G
White Female Horse: 300G
Black and White Female/Male Horse: 200G


Fodder: 5G
Good Fodder: 10G
Premium Fodder: 15G

Chicken Feed: 4G
Good Chicken Feed: 8G
Premium Chicken Feed: 12G

Horse Feed: 20G

~~~!More Coming!~~~
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PostSubject: Re: ~RestLess Ranch Merchandise~   Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:48 pm

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~RestLess Ranch Merchandise~
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