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 The Festivals

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PostSubject: The Festivals   Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:55 am


Spring Festival
01st : New Years Day (at the Square/Mountain top/bar)
08th : Goddess Festival (at the square)
14th : Spring Thanksgiving (Anywhere)
18th : Horse Race (At the Square)
22nd : Cooking Festival (At the Square)

Summer Festival

01st : Swimming Festival (At the Beach)
07th : Chicken Sumo Festival (At the Beach)
12th : Tomato festival(At the Square)
20st : Cow Festival (At the Ranch/Square)
24th : Fireworks Festival(At the Beach)

Fall Festival
03rd : Music Festival (At the Church)
09th : Harvest Festival (At the Square)
13th : Moon Viewing Festival (Mountain top)
21st : Sheep Festival (At the Square)
30th : Halloween Festival (Anywhere)

Winter Festival
14th : Winter Thanksgiving Day (Anywhere)
24th : Star NIght Festival (Lover's house!)
25th : Christmas (At your home)
30th : New Years (At the bar/Square or at the Mountain)
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The Festivals
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